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VC Magazine profile London ONTake one pizza delivery plus a chance conversation, then add a lot of hard work and a dream that won’t quit.  What do you get?

Jamie Drennan, President and CEO of ASAP Pest Control Incorporated in London, Ontario.

Having attended the Electrical Engineering Technician program at London’s Fanshawe College, Drennan came upon an opportunity to get into the pest control industry – and eventually, start his own business – by chance.  “While going to school, I worked for a local pizza restaurant as a delivery driver.  One day, I delivered food to a pest control company and ended up having a great conversation with a woman in HR there.  She introduced me to the pest control industry.  Not long after, I had an interview and studied for the structural and core licenses to become an exterminator.”

Although Drennan has been in the industry for 7 years, ASAP Pest Control has just come through its first (very successful) year in business.  ASAP Pest Control assists their clients with pest issues in residential, commercial and food/restaurant properties.  Using the most up-to-date products and technology to help get rid of pests, Drennan’s company also offers their clients alternative, non-chemical solutions that can better adapt to different pest control situations.  But finding the issue before it becomes a problem is best so that it’s easier to deal with.  The IPM program offered by ASAP Pest Control is designed to do just that.  “If you find the issue before it shows itself, there are many different ways to solve the problem.  We do this (look for issues) by looking for sanitation and structural issues on a regular basis.  The IPM program gives the technician non-chemical options, such as using bait instead of just pesticides,” says Drennan. ASAP Pest Control London ON

Another integral part of ASAP Pest Control’s success equation comes from family.  Drennan was able to see, first hand, the end result that comes with continuously working toward your dream from a young age.  His grandfather, a British immigrant, was the owner of several businesses.  Drennan’s father worked as a businessman and taught him everything he knew about how to do well in business.  By watching his family succeed, Drennan was able to put his own puzzle pieces together and help drive his own success.  “My father showed me the basic fundamentals of what it means to be a strong businessman.  My grandfather came over from England after WWII with his family to not only start a new life but also start a business.”

Jamie works alongside his wife Candace, who acts as secretary-treasurer and administrator of the business.  Drennan says that her participation in the business has been a crucial factor in keeping the positive momentum going throughout their first year.  “Candace is definitely the biggest supporter and motivator for myself and for this business.”

As anyone knows, operating a business isn’t easy; there isn’t a straightforward equation that will always result in success and many factors play a part keeping a business on a successful track.  On the other side of that coin, however, is the fact that you can’t have a successful business without happy clients.  And that’s one factor that Drennan is 100% committed to.  “I started this business because I wanted to help people.  We want this type of service to be seen as a helpful one and not judgement.  I want customers to know that when they have a pest issue, the technician will be there for them – from the initial service right through to the follow up afterwards.”

Pest control in London ONASAP Pest Control has received a huge amount of support from their clients, something that Drennan knows is very important.  “Our biggest accomplishment, so far, is having a strong first year in business. But this wouldn’t be possible without all the support from my clients who have believed in me since day one, which is a big compliment.”

Looking toward their second year in business – and beyond, of course – Drennan simply hopes that his clients keep talking, both about their pest issues and how they got rid of them.  But talking about pests in your home or business will not add up to those pests going away.  That part of the equation is Drennan’s job.  “We want people to talk about their pest issues with neighbours, family and friends.  By introducing ASAP Pest Control into your home, you’ll see there is a clear benefit to having a pest control professional by your side.”

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