ASAP Pest Control has been providing comprehensive pest control, pest management and wildlife control services to homes and businesses in the Komoka area for a number of years. We continue to deliver unparalleled expertise when it comes to extermination and control services and happily serve the communities in and around Komoka, including:

  • Mount Brydges
  • Poplar Hill
  • Lobo Township
  • Kilworth
  • Delaware
  • Arva
  • Ilderton

Residential Pest Control

Our team of pest control specialists are well-versed and extensively experienced in providing residential pest control to Komoka homeowners. Whether it be single-unit homes, multi-unit living complexes such as apartments or attached housing units, ASAP Pest Control is here to provide support. We are well versed in the pests that are common for homes in Southwestern Ontario, particularly those in and around Komoka. We also offer homeowners with comprehensive home protection plans to ensure your home remains protected no matter the season.

ASAP Pest Control provides a range of residential pest control services Komoka homeowners, targeting common pests including:

Commercial Pest Control

Our customizable commercial pest control  services ensure that businesses get the pest control services best suited for their business type and operations. ASAP’s pest control for businesses ensures that essential inventory, staff members, customers and costly equipment remain protected from unwanted visitors.

Our Integrated Pest Management Services ensures businesses remain protected and pest-free year-round. The IMP program also provides essential reporting metrics such as sanitation and structural reports, employee training and required SDS information.

We offer specialized commercial pest control services, to a wide range of Komoka businesses, including:

Restaurants & Bars
Warehouse & Distribution
Healthcare Facilities
Offices and Commercial Businesses
Schools, Arenas & Community Centres
Grocery & Food Distribution
Farming & Agriculture

Dedicated Pest Exterminator Services in and Around Komoka

For more information about our residential and commercial pest control services in Komoka, contact the team at ASAP Pest Control today and keep your family and customers protected.