ASAP Pest Control provides crucial pest control services in Exeter and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of pest control services for both residential homes and apartments, along with retail space, restaurants, and virtually any commercial space. Our goal is to leave you feeling safe & pest-free all year-round.


Providing Professional Pest Control Services in Exeter and Surrounding Area

We are proud to service the Exeter community and surrounding area, including:

  • South Huron
  • Kirkton
  • Mt Carmel
  • Zurich
  • Hensall
  • Cromarty
  • Dashwood

Residential Pest Control

Home infestations can be particularly upsetting. Insects and wildlife can be difficult and even dangerous to properly remove without professional help. Residential pest management can provide customized treatment plans to fit whatever needs you may have.

Residential pest control may require multiple removals depending on the infestation. Depending on the time of year, London may have an influx of mice or rodents. During the cold season, many pests will seek warmth indoors. For a sanitary home free of insects, rodents or animals, residential pest control is crucial for the health of tenants.

Commercial Pest Control

Any type of business located in Exeter or its’ surrounding areas has the potential for pest infestation. This can wreak havoc on a business. Many commercial operations may have to close their doors because of health inspection requirements or health code violations.

Commercial pest control services have