Since 2015, ASAP Pest Control has provided pest control to clients in Woodstock and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Oxford Centre
  • Embro
  • Gobles
  • Princeton
  • Innerkip

Our experienced team is dedicated to resolving pest control issues in a timely manner that is safe for your family or commercial business.

Residential Pest Control in Woodstock, Ontario

At ASAP Pest Control, we understand that pests can do a lot of damage to a home when they are left unchecked. That is why our service technicians always seek to find the most efficient method of exterminating, trapping, or otherwise removing unwanted pests from your property. The residential pest control services that we offer include:

ASAP Pest Control also offers a home protection plan that is designed to keep your home in Woodstock, Ontario safe from pests throughout the year. This plan includes guaranteed three visits for a full year, interior and exterior inspections of your home, and no charge visits between residential pest control service services.

Commercial Pest Control in Woodstock

ASAP Pest Control technicians provide support to businesses throughout Woodstock and the surrounding areas. These commercial pest control services provide protection to a business’s inventory, workspaces, workers, and clients from harmful pests. The industries served by ASAP Pest Control include:

ASAP also offers integrated pest management services that provide ongoing pest control to make sure that any business that we serve remain pest-free throughout the year. It’s part of our commitment to keeping your business and your customers safe.

Professional Pest Control in Woodstock and the Surrounding Area

If you have a home or business in Woodstock or the surrounding area and you believe you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact ASAP Pest Control today. Our staff of certified technicians will be happy to answer your questions and help you find a pest control solution that works best for you.