What You Need to Know About Earwigs

Earwigs are a common, relatively diverse group of insects, with twelve different families comprising their order. They are found on every continent except Antarctica and are no less common in Ontario than they are elsewhere in the world. While myths persist about their attraction to the human ear, such behaviour is not common and only […]

Centipedes and Millipedes in Your Home? What You Need to Know

It is estimated that there are roughly 80,000 species of millipedes and 8,000 species of centipedes. About 70 species of centipede live here in Canada, with the house centipede being one of the most common centipedes in North America. It is also the species most likely to turn up in your basement if you live […]

What You Need to Know About Wasps

Wasps are unfortunately a common pest in Ontario. They can disrupt a perfectly relaxing evening in the backyard and can even cause some damage to your home in a swarm moves in. The team at ASAP Pest Control are experienced in providing wasp nest and bee removal services to keep your home free from these […]

What You Need to Know About Yellowjackets

One of the most common reasons that people call pest control services is that they need wasp nest and bee removal. Among the most aggressive of these stinging creatures is the yellowjacket. They are quite common in Southwestern, Ontario and can be cause for concern, specifically for those with allergies to bee stings. This insect […]

What You Should Know About House Mice

As professional pest control technicians providing expert mouse and rat control services in London, ON, we know firsthand the number of mice, rodents, and rats that can be found throughout Southwestern Ontario. It can sometimes be difficult to identify a common house mouse. In this blog, we share some information about house mice and how […]