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How to prevent bringing bed bugs home with youBed bugs are among the worst pest infestations one could get. They’ll refuge within the mattress and dine on your flesh in the nighttime. The worst part is that they quickly evolve resistance to pesticides. Once in the house, getting rid of them becomes very tricky, often requiring professional help. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, access to warmth, and constant foot traffic. Therefore, preventing them from getting into the home becomes of utmost importance.

1. Check Your Hotel Room Thoroughly for Bed Bugs After Checking In

When travelling, hotel rooms should be checked for bed bugs especially before you unpack, with the focus mostly on the upholstered furniture, curtains, and bedding; and if found, the front desk should be informed. Do not bring your luggage into your room until it has been comprehensively inspected for bed bugs because they can affix themselves to luggage, which can then find their way back home with you. 

Once the room is proved to be bedbug-free, place your suitcases on the luggage rack, in the bathtub, or as far away as possible from the bed to reduce the risk of bringing them home. Avoiding leaving purses, clothes, computer bags, or computers on upholstered furniture or lying on the bed. 

Before packing your belongings when leaving, double-check clothes and bags for any bedbug signs and when returning home, immediately wash the clothes travelled within hot water. 

Your luggage should be vacuumed, and the contents of the vacuum emptied outside into a plastic bag that is to be sealed tightly and thrown away into any garbage bin located outside. 

2. Immediately Wash Dirty Clothing Upon Returning Home

 Washing dirty laundry as soon as you return home will be helpful in avoiding a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are drawn to the smell of humans, which is more potent in dirty attire. 

Research shows that bags consisting of dirty laundry attract significantly more bed bugs than identical bags consisting of clean attire. If you are travelling, washing dirty laundry drastically improves bed bug protection since soiled clothing left in open suitcases or on the floor of a bedbug-infested room attracts bed bugs that could follow their hosts back home. 

3. Thoroughly Inspect Second-Hand Furniture

 Scrutinize second-hand furniture prior to buying. Regardless of how clean it looks after purchase; the furniture should be given a good cleaning before bringing it into your home. First, store it in a shed or garage, whereby furniture with fabric is to be vacuumed and comprehensively cleaned with hot, soapy water. Otherwise, carefully inspect all crevasses such as storage places and drawers. 

Professional Bed Bug Removal in London & Southwestern, Ontario

In the event that you accidentally bring home bed bugs from a vacation, thrifted furniture or a friend’s home, it is essential that you call a professional residential pest control expert to assess the level of infestation. ASAP Pest Control can help safely and effectively exterminate bed bugs from your home.