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When pests invade your home, it can be a major inconvenience. However, when they settle into your business locations, it can threaten your livelihood. The key to securing your warehouses and other facilities against insect depredation is to anticipate their movements. Know the locations where they will strike first and be ready.

Here are 6 key spots where bugs, insects, and other pests can infiltrate your production facilities.

6 Top Spots Pests Hide in Your Facility

The following are the favorite spots of the most common pests in warehouses. They are the most likely and often the first places pests will target. By applying warehouse pest control in these locations first, you’ll go a long way to mitigate the damage they can cause.

1. Roofs

Many pests come from the air. Using thermal vision, they can locate warmth escaping from corners of roofs. Using these senses, many airborne pests will target the roof first. Therefore, roofs should be well-sealed and supplied with anti-pest assets.

2. HVAC system

Just as your HVAC is designed to keep your facility comfortable, it can also make an excellent place for insects to nest and multiply. Because these systems are well sealed, it can be very tough to get established pest colonies out of them. Usually, a professional commercial pest control provider is needed.

3. Waste and Storage Areas

Waste and storage areas are attractive to pests for obvious reasons. These locations offer shelter, security, and often plenty of things bugs like to eat. Waste storage should be cleared and cleaned regularly and so should storage locations.

4. Locked Rooms

The problem with any well-secured space is it limits traffic, movement, and other activity which would naturally disrupt nesting pests and insects. Like storage areas, any locked room will need to be occasionally inspected, cleaned, and kept neat.

5. Employee Lockers

Employees are a significant vector by which pests may invade your facility. It doesn’t always mean your crews are unhygienic. It only means that they should be reminded to be especially careful. Locker rooms should be cleaned, cleared, and sanitized regularly.

6. Drains

Drains are a hot spot not only for pests, vermin, insects, and more. But they are also an excellent location for mold, fungus, and bacteria blooms to develop. Most of the time, bugs and germs come as a package. For this reason, drains should be thoroughly inspected and sanitized regularly.

Professional Warehouse Pest Control Services to Keep Your Facility Safe

Almost any facility can fall prey to infestation no matter how diligent you are in preventing it. Once an infestation is established, removing it can be tough, sometimes even dangerous. Identifying where pests are hiding is crucial to effectively control and eliminate them. ASAP Pest Control offers commercial warehouse pest control services that can help facility managers to effectively control and eliminate pests in their facilities. Facility managers can have peace of mind knowing that their facilities are protected from pests when they partner with us. Contact us today to learn more about our services for warehouses.