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The Boxelder bug isn’t the worst bug in the neighborhood. It isn’t poisonous, it doesn’t bite, and it won’t chew up your house. 

The downsides, though: They can pile up on the side of your house, looking for a warm spot in winter. If they get inside and you squash them, they stain walls and furniture, and they stink. So, you don’t want to befriend this type of house pest

Where are Boxelder Bugs Found? 

The Boxelder bug resides in boxelder, maple or ash trees. Despite this nuisance pest’s smell when crushed, it’s not a stink bug, although it’s in the same family with those, and with cicadas. 

What Do Boxelder Bugs Look Like? 

They’re 11 to 14 mm long, and are black, with orange or red stripes on the thorax and red wings. In addition to the smell, you may notice them by their buzzing sounds. 

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous? 

Boxelder bugs don’t bite or sting and won’t harm pets. Neither will they chew your home’s foundation like termites. Still, large numbers of them can be bothersome, and the stains to fabric or furniture can be hard to get rid of.  

While Boxelder bugs usually won’t kill your trees, they can sap life out of them when they feed on them. Leaves may turn yellow. Fruit trees might occasionally see damage to the fruit, although the bugs prefer their namesake trees.

How Do You Know If You Have Boxelder Bugs? 

As the weather gets cooler, you may find them clustered around a home’s foundation trying to get warm. They may find their way indoors through cracks, holing up in your basement or your cozy kitchen. Outdoors in warmer weather, you might notice them feeding on flowers, leaves or soft twigs from the host trees. 

How Do you Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs? 

The most drastic step would be to get rid of your Boxelder trees, but you don’t have to do that. Start by shoring up any cracks where they could enter your home. Eliminate any wood piles. Spray bugs away with a garden hose. 

Call ASAP Pest Control for Professional Boxelder Bugs Removal 

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