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What You Need to Know About Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies are a common nuisance that crop up regularly in homes across Southwestern Ontario. The annoying bugs seem to pop out of nowhere and multiply very quickly, sometimes before you even notice the first fruit fly.

Fruit flies hate clean and tidy surfaces and thrive off the sugary residue left on counters. You’ll likely see them crop up when you leave out empty alcohol bottles, fruit or unwashed dishes.

Identifying Fruit Flies in Your Home

An adult fruit fly usually has red eyes and is about 1/8 inches long. The rear portion of its body is black while the front is tan. The females lay their eggs near the surface or inside of moist, fermenting or rotting fruits and foods. If given the opportunity, these pests will give birth to over 500 larvae, making them one of the most troublesome residential pests to deal with. They mature at a rapid rate and can complete their life cycle from larvae to adults in a week.

Are Fruit Flies Harmful?

Despite fruit flies not being able to bite or sting, they contain bacteria from feasting on rotting food, which is transmitted everywhere they land. The germs and other bacteria can stick to their hairy bodies, and once they get on a person’s hands or food, it can cause health problems and illness, especially diarrhea. Most people are unaware of these hidden dangers.

Once fruits have been infected, they cannot be sold or transported for export purposes. This leads to heavy losses in the market as farmers are forced to destroy their fruits and even pluck them off their trees before they are ripe to avoid infestation. If left unchecked, they could lead to the total quarantine of a specific area or region which will need months to be lifted.

What Do Fruit Flies Eat?

Fruit flies are attracted to fermented or ripening fruits and vegetables. Produce not refrigerated and perishable items brought in from the garden are often the cause of infestation indoors

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies:

There are many ways to combat a fruit fly infestation. To prevent illness, you should:

  1. Wash their hands before meals or after encountering a fruit fly
  2. Make sure the fruits and vegetables you have purchased are cleaned thoroughly before consumption.

Having plants such as the Venus Fly Trap is also one way to deal with them. If all those solutions, including homemade traps such as apple cider vinegar traps don’t seem to work, you should call a professional residential pest control company that can assist you safely.

Call ASAP Pest Control for Professional Fruit Fly Removal

Fruit Flies are an unwelcome pest in many homes and can be combatted easily by an organized and clean kitchen. If you are struggling with an out of control pest infestation, call ASAP Pest Control for safe and effective fruit fly removal.