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Just about everyone in Southwestern, Ontario, has had to deal with some kind of pest problem in their home. Maybe you’ve seen the occasional spiderweb in the corner of your basement, or maybe you’ve seen ants crawling over a spill on the floor. You might have even seen a mouse scurrying across your floor. While you might be tempted to take care of these problems by yourself, you are always better off looking for residential pest control services instead. Whether you do decide to handle your pest problems yourself or you decide to go with a professional, here are just a few reasons why pest control is so important.


While having one or two spiders around can be beneficial to your home, other bugs and insects can cause a lot of damage to your home and your health. Not only can some bugs spread diseases such as E. coli and salmonella, but pests like carpenter ants can also do some serious structural damage to your home. Insects are also notoriously difficult to get rid of once they’ve infested your home, so calling a professional exterminator and enlisting in insect control services is often the only way to be rid of them for good.


Like many insects, rodents like mice and rats can cause a lot of property damage and spread disease. They can also ruin any food that you have in storage if they make their way into your pantry. Store-bought traps and poisons can take care of one or two of these pests, but there is rarely just one mouse in your home. If you see one mouse – even one that’s been caught in a trap – it’s safe to assume that you have others somewhere in your home. Professional mouse and rat control services can set traps that are far more effective than anything you might buy at a store, but they can also help you monitor entrance points to your home and effectively rodent-proof your house.


Stinging Insects force half a million people to the emergency room every year. While you probably won’t have a wasp problem inside your home, you might have issues if these flying insects make a nest on your property. If you’re lucky, the nest will be far enough away from your home that you can safely ignore it. If the nest is close enough that you regularly see wasps buzzing around, you may have to take care of it, especially if anyone in your home is allergic to their stings. Wasps stings can be deadly to some people, so don’t hesitate to have the nest removed by wasp nest removal specialists if you think it could present a problem.

Trust Pest Control Specialists to Keep Pests at Bay

The biggest issue with any pests is that they can infest your home before you know that they are there. If you see mice and cockroaches in your home, you already have a problem that may require the services of a pest control professional. The problem will only get worse if you ignore it, so don’t hesitate to contact ASAP Pest Control, London, Ontario’s residential and commercial pest control specialists, if you suspect that you have an infestation.