ASAP Pest Control has skilled experts who provide government pest control services to clients in London, Ontario, and surrounding areas. Regardless of the size of the infestation, we deliver effective, discrete service every time.

Pest Elimination Services for Government Buildings

Rest assured; we realize that government agencies must preserve order within their headquarters to keep things running properly. When pest infestations occur, they can lead to a myriad of issues, all of which must be addressed in a timely manner to prevent more serious problems.

It’s unwise to struggle with a pest infestation alone, particularly when there are so many benefits associated with placing this task in expert hands. ASAP Pest Control offers a complete range of commercial pest control solutions for governmental institutions and our services are fully customizable. We have a variety of options, including non-chemical strategies to eliminate the pests that most commonly infest government buildings.

Our Pest Control Solutions for Government Buildings

Integrated Pest Management Program

Our Integrated Pest Management program ensures that the safest methods of government building pest control are utilised to address these issues. Only if these are ineffectual do we move on to the use of more severe techniques.

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Inspect Your Common Areas and Meeting Rooms

We inspect your government office for the purpose of isolating the specific pest problem you are experiencing, as well as identifying potential problems that may occur in the future. Next, we determine the severity of the infestation, and the most appropriate course of action for the establishment of which you are in charge.

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Eliminate and Prevent Infestations

With as little disruption to your daily routine as possible, we work quickly to eliminate infestations, as well as prevent re-infestations, which is key to long-term success. You have our promise that our team of experts will always employ the safest pest control option first, only moving on to stronger methods if absolutely necessary.

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Monitor for Pests

Our integrated pest control program lets us continuously monitor your government agency for all types of pests, which guarantees a high level of protection from future infestations.

Effective and Professional Government Pest Control Services

When selecting pest solutions for government agencies, it’s essential to locate a company with the appropriate skills and experience. At ASAP Pest Control, we have extensive knowledge of ants, termites, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and wasps, and know how to remove them safely.

We do a highly thorough job and ensure that every step along the way is completed with care. ASAP Pest Control also makes a comprehensive plan regarding future visits, to head off additional problems before they get out of hand. Reach out to our team today for detailed information concerning our top-notch government building pest control solutions and how you can benefit from these services.

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