Pest Control for Long-Term Care Facilities in Ontario

There are a lot of things you must worry about while running a nursing home or long-term health care facility. Patient health and safety are your top priorities, and that’s what makes pest control and prevention crucial for your facility. There are many challenges involved in controlling nuisance insects and rodents in a medical setting, but at ASAP Pest Control, we’re here to helpYou can rely on our expertise in commercial pest control to provide exceptional and trusted nursing home pest control services for long-term care centres in Southeastern Ontario. 

Pest Management Solutions for Retirement & Assisted Living Centres 

Whether you operate a nursing home, senior assisted living community, rehabilitation center, or another type of long-term care facility, guarding against infestations is essential — both for your patients and your facility’s reputation. Providing a clean and healthy environment is priority number one, and issues with bed bugs, flies, rodents, or other pests will damage the trust that patients and their families place in you.

More importantly, a pest infestation will negatively affect your patients. Insects of all types are of concern for long-term care facilities and nursing homes, as they can be direct causes of illnesses and secondary infections, particularly for non-ambulatory patients. Potential disease-carrying insects are also a major threat to any medical care facility. Professional nursing home pest control services from a team of reputable pest control technicians like the team at ASAP Pest Control can keep your facility pest-free and comfortable for patients, staff and visitors alike. 

Long-Term Care Facilities Face Unique Pest Problems

Administrators of long-term care facilities face a number of challenges when it comes to pest control. In an often-complex environment with heavy traffic in and out of the facility, along with food preparation areas, laundry, storage spaces, and multiple entrances and exits, there are many ways for infestations to occur.

The professional technicians at ASAP Pest Control will work with you to rid your facility of pests, and to create a comprehensive nursing home pest control program to guard against future infestations. We understand the sensitive nature of pest control for long-term care facilities, and our professionals will work quickly and discreetly to ensure a pest-free environment for your patients and staff. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are by far the most common problem faced by long-term care facilities. A single introduction of bed bugs to your facility can escalate quickly into a major infestation, and it’s difficult to eliminate bed bugs once they’ve spread.

Common Pest Found in Long-Term Care Facilities

Other common pests that can infest or adversely impact medical care facilities include:

  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Rats and mice
  • Birds

ASAP Pest Control is trusted by local London businesses to keep patients and customer safe and comfortable in any environment. Our team of technicians are experienced in eliminating and preventing all types of pests from a variety of commercial environments, particularly in nursing homes, retirement communities and healthcare facilities. 

Trusted Pest Management Solutions for Healthcare Centres 

When you work with ASAP Pest Control, you’ll get more than pest extermination. Our technicians will work closely with you to not only rid your facility of pests, but also guard against future infestations by identifying areas or situations that permit the introduction of pests, developing preventative measures, and performing ongoing maintenance to keep insects and vermin out of your facility.

Contact our team today for more information about an Integrated Pest Management Program that’s customized for the unique needs of your long-term care facility.

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