Commercial Pest Control for Schools, Arena’s & Community Centres – ASAP Pest ControlPests don’t have much respect for public institutions. The bigger the space, the more likely it is that some kind of pest has will make its way inside and find a home. Unfortunately, for a school, community centre, or arena, it can be quite easy for an infestation to develop and become a bigger problem if not handled quickly and professionally.

Pests Can Devastate Your Community Centres

Due to the large size of these types of spaces and facilities, there are numerous types of pests to be concerned about. At the smallest size, you might look at anything from roaches and ants to fleas and bed bugs. Moving up, you might even find that your larger space is home to mice, rats, or even (in some extreme cases) bats. There’s also the possibility for a large space to become home to larger wildlife such as raccoons and even birds, depending on the time of year and the layout of the space.

Problems Caused by a Pest Infestation

Of course, these infestations are problematic for more than just how they can make your space look:

  • Some of these pests carry diseases that can lead to your students or guests getting sick.
  • A pest infestation can cause costly damage to your structures.
  • A flea or bed bug infestation in these environments can grow to become large-scale health concerns if left untreated.