Pest Prevention and Control in Retail Stores

One of the most critical aspects of running a successful retail business is cleanliness and organization. However, no matter how clean and organized your store is, it can be hard to keep certain pests at bay. Cockroaches, rats, mice, birds and other fabric and food pests can destroy your retail space, inventory, and your clientele’s confidence in your brand. For that reason, professional pest control services for retail stores and malls is fundamental in preventing a pest infestation before it can occur.

ASAP Pest Control is proud to provide business and property owners with trusted pest management solutions that are uniquely designed for the specific needs of retail stores, boutiques and malls.

Pest control services for malls from ASAP Pest Control

The Importance of Pest Management in Malls and Retail Spaces

Inventory, building structures, computers and retail displays can all be damaged by pests. Pests eat and breed causing immense damage to a retail store, and can also be the cause of unsettling odours and transmit diseases to customers and staff members. Multiple entries, frequent foot-traffic, storage areas and frequent deliveries within a retail store or mall can all offer entry and homes to any number of damaging pests. As a leading pest control company, our team at ASAP Pest Control, offers business owners retail store pest control as part of our commercial pest control services that can be specially designed to suit each business and their pest-specific needs.

Common Pests Found in Retail Stores

Due to the size of stores in the retail industry and the products found within them, there are several common pests that can easily get into and infest retail stores and malls, including:

Professional Pest Control for Retail Businesses

Pest control services for retail stores from ASAP Pest Control

As pest control experts, we at ASAP Pest Control offer top of the line pest control services for a variety of businesses throughout London, Ontario. Our qualified team can work quickly and discreetly to eliminate pests from stores, boutiques or malls without disturbing customers and uses preventative measures to ensure repeat infestations do not occur. Our integrated pest management system works in 3 stages:

  1. Pest evaluation  
  2. Pest control
  3. Pest elimination and prevention

Malls and retails business can greatly benefit from this ongoing pest management service as a pest control plan as pest re-entry is common for large commercial spaces and malls.

Controlling Pests in Retail Stores Using Integrated Pest Management

ASAP Pest Control supports retail businesses and shopping centres with customized pest management solutions and services, such as:

  • ASAP Pest Control will inspect your retail business and determine your pest population and type.
  • We will then tailor a pest control plan to prevent future infestations while eliminating the current problem. All this can be done without alerting your customers or altering your day-to-day business activity.
  • We also offer chemical-free services, regulation compliance reports, employee training and other effective solutions to guarantee your retail space stays clean and pest-free.

Get Professional Pest Control for Retail Stores and Malls with ASAP

The time to begin a pest control program for your retails space is before you see pests. As pest control experts, we recommend that you do not wait for the infestation to grow. Our company has experience and expertise in small- and large-scale pest-removal jobs. We can get the job done safely, quickly and thoroughly using our effective integrated pest management systems. There is no need to shop around for pest control for malls and retail services. Contact our team of experienced pest control technicians to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though we recommend preventative pest control, it’s important to call a professional commercial pest control service as soon as you notice signs of pests. 

There are many types of common pests that can be found in retail stores and malls, including:  

If you’re a store owner or manager, keeping your business pest-free is essential in preventing loss of business. To prevent your store from a pest infestation, we recommend investing in a pest control program like ASAP Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management (IMP) program, designed to prevent infestations before they occur.  

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