When it comes to pests, wasps are often among the most common. They have wide-ranging habitats and come into contact with humans frequently, making themselves at home in the same places that humans inhabit. While wasps can certainly be a nuisance to homeowners, it’s also important to understand their habits if you want to avoid their wrath. Below is what you need to know about wasps to protect yourself and your home.

What Do Wasps Look Like?

Wasps are relatively small (about 20mm), winged insects. They tend to be slim with long legs and brownish wings. Some species of wasp have reddish markings. They’re most easily identified by their proximity to a nest. If you’re not sure if you have wasps on your property, you should contact wasp nest and bee removal services. for help in identifying the pests.

The Danger of Wasps

Wasps tend to pose dangers to humans in the most obvious of ways – they are territorial, and thus they’ll attack anyone who comes too close to their nests. While bee stings tend to get more press, it’s entirely possible for an individual who is allergic to wasps to go into anaphylactic shock after being stung. Even those who aren’t allergic can have unpleasant reactions to the painful stings.

Wasps are, fortunately, not usually the cause of major direct damage to homes. They tend to nest in existing cracks and