Bottle flies, also known as blow flies, are common pests found in most of North America, and, particularly in our region of Southwestern Ontario. There as many as 11 species of this pest on the north American continent alone, and they are extremely prolific. A female can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. 

What Do Bottle Flies Look Like? 

Bottle flies are iridescent green or blue in color and measure, on average, half an inch in length. They are a bit larger than house flies and produce a very loud, buzzing noise.  

Bottle Fly in a home before removal by ASAP Pest Control

Are Bottle Flies Harmful? 

The short answer is yes. Though this house pest doesn’t sting or bite, bottle flies carry a large number of bacteria on their legs including salmonella and E. coli. The contamination they carry is easily transferred to people when the flies land on food and food surfaces. 

Where Can Bottle Flies Be Found? 

Bottle flies are usually found outdoors. They can enter your home or place of work through open windows, holes in window screens, doors and other points of entry. 

What Causes Bottle Flies and What Attracts Them? 

Bottle flies multiply in warm, moist environments such as gardens, garbage bins, or compost areas. Moisture-laden environments attract them, and they feed off decaying organic matter. 

Signs of a Bottle Fly Infestation

You’ll know you have an infestation of bottle flies if you begin to see large numbers of these insects. It may indicate the flies have established an indoor breeding ground. Persistent, loud buzzing is also a telltale sign there’s of a bottle fly infestation. The best solution to your bottle fly infestation is to contact a reputable pest control service right away.  

Control Your Bottle Fly Infestation with ASAP Pest Control 

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