There are many different types of moths. Most are harmless to people, but if you end up with an infestation of moths inside your home or business, you will need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The best way to get rid of this destructive moth is with residential pest control or commercial pest control services from an experienced exterminator like ASAP Pest Control.

What do clothes moths look like?

The clothes moth is among the smaller species of moth. They are usually around half an inch long fully grown, and typically beige or buff (brownish yellow) in colour. Their wings are narrow and fringed along the edges, and at the ends, with small hairs. Of the two common types of clothes moth found in Canada, one sometimes has dark specks on its wings, and the other may have tufts of reddish hairs on its head — but both types have the same colouring, shape, and size.

Clothes Moth on Fabric – Get Rid of Clothes Moths with ASAP Pest Control

Are clothes moths dangerous?

Clothes moth infestations are not only a nuisance but can also result in damage to your home or business. These pests typically feed on animal fibers, which includes cloth that may make up clothing, furniture, bedding, carpets, and more. Their favoured types of animal fibers to feed on are leather, felt, silk, fur, wool, and feathers. A large number of these moths can cause significant damage while feeding.

Clothes Moths Infestation on Rug - ASAP Pest Control

How do you know if you have a clothes moth infestation?

The most common sign of a clothes moth problem is otherwise unexplained damage to the types of material they feed on. You may notice trenches, furrows or damaged patches on wool items like blankets, rugs, and clothing. Another indication is finding small, crusty deposits of material on clothing or fabric items that are the same colour as the material. You might also see the physical appearance of moths if you move fabric that hasn’t been disturbed for a while. There is usually a primary source of food where most of the moths gather.