Earwigs are a common bug that is often seen in homes throughout Southwestern Ontario. Earwigs have several distinctive traits, including a foul smell and pincers on their bottoms. Professional pest control is critical to dealing with an earwig infestation in a home, as they can pose problems when uncontrolled, including damaging plants in your home or garden and potentially biting people and pets. If you suspect you have an earwig infestation, the experienced professionals at ASAP Pest Control can help by identifying the places that they are hiding and help you get rid of these pests for good.

What Do Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs appear larger than ants, and they have a distinctive set of pincers coming out of their bottom half. They are red and brown and can grow to be around ¾ of an inch, and can be most often seen hiding in cool, damp places in your home or backyard.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

There are some myths about the danger earwigs pose to humans. Earwigs are mostly harmless to human beings, and even their pincers cause little to no harm. Still, it is crucial to deal with an earwig infestation to ensure no damage is caused to household plants, pets, or otherwise.

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How Do You Know If You Have Earwigs? 

There are many signs of an ongoing earwig infestation in your home. The primary signs of an earwig infestation in your home are: 

  1. A terrible odor 
  2. Bite marks on indoor plants 
  3. Earwig bites on people or pets.  
  4. Black marks or holes on vegetables 

How Do you Get Rid of Earwigs? 

Often, a professional pest control service, such as ASAP Pest Control, is the best way to remove an earwig infestation. When looking for commercial or residential pest removal, know that a professional service guarantees that you can deal with an infestation properly. 

Call ASAP Pest Control for Professional Earwig Removal 

An earwig infestation can be serious. If you notice earwigs in your home, don’t hesitate to have them removed professionally. Call ASAP Pest Control for professional earwig removal throughout London, Ontario, and the surrounding areas.