Ground beetles are a common pest found by home and business owners throughout Southwestern Ontario. Here’s a look at what you should know about the common ground beetle, how to identify an infestation and how to get rid of ground beetles in your home.

What Are Ground Beetles?

Ground beetles are members of the family Carabidae, which is one of the largest and most common beetle families in North America. There are 800 species in Canada alone and 2600 spread across the continent. As their name suggests, they often live underground or under logs, rocks, leaves, or boards.

What Do Ground Beetles Look Like?How to get rid of ground beetles in your home

Ground beetles can be between 2 and 25 mm long, and they tend to be long and oval. Most species are dark, but some can have iridescent shells that come in a variety of metallic colours like blue, copper, green, orange, red, yellow, or a combination of those colours.

Are Ground Beetles Harmful?