Sowbugs and pillbugs are nearly identical crustaceans (the only ones that have adapted to spend their entire lives on land,) and they are found commonly in many households: where they love to seek out wet or damp areas to hide out in. 

What do Sowbugs & Pill Bugs Look Like? 

Sowbugs and pill bugs are described as the following: 

  • Very easy to recognize. Their backs are made up of seven overlapping hard plates. Along with a matching number of leg pairs. 
  • They can be any mixture of dark brown or black, and sometimes have small yellow blotches on their carapace. 
  • They range anywhere from three to four inches in length, with two pairs of antennae. 
  • Pill bugs can roll up into a sphere, giving them the common name, “Rollie Pollies.” Sowbugs do not share this ability. 
What you need to know about Sowbugs & Pill Bugs – ASAP Pest Control

Are Sowbugs & Pill Bugs Harmful? 

These bugs cause no direct harm to humans, they do not contaminate food, and they are not known to spread any diseases. They can, however, become a major nuisance when they get inside your home. Furthermore, they tend to multiply at a great rate, and an infestation can manifest very quickly when they have a damp place to live. 

How Do You Know If You Have Sowbugs & Pill Bugs? 

Pill bugs and sowbugs tend to hide under wet or moist areas of decaying vegetation or rotting wood. It is easy to spot them around the kitchen counter or sinks. They are most active at nighttime, so you’re more likely to spot them then, rather than during the middle of the day. 

How Do you Get Rid of Sowbugs & Pill Bugs? 

Minor pill bug or sowbug infestations can be managed by sealing cracks in the walls, flooring, and anywhere else they might reasonably enter from. Moving outside wood, brush, or other decaying objects further from the household can also help lower the rate that they filter into your living area. As an infestation worsens, it can be a lot harder to get rid of the problem. Therefore, professional residential pest control services should become a foremost priority. 

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