Phorid flies are attracted to decaying plant and animal material. Unlike some other pests, like fruit flies, phorid flies spread throughout a house, rather than staying close to the source of decay. It is important to address a phorid fly infestation promptly because they spread bacteria and disease. Phorid flies will breed very rapidly and in hard-to-reach places like plumbing pipes, making them difficult to get rid of without professional help.

What do Phorid Flies Look Like? 

Phorid flies are small. They are only 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch long. In terms of size, they resemble a common fruit fly. They are dull brown, yellowish-brown, or black in color. One of their distinctive features is a hump in their thorax, giving them the nickname “humpback flies.” They are also known for running fast across surfaces, rather than taking flight immediately. That is why they are also sometimes called “scuttle flies.” 

Are Phorid Flies Dangerous? 

Phorid flies spread diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans. They do not bite; they spread illness by transferring bacteria from decaying plants and dead animals to the food people eat. They can also be an indication of other serious problems like the presence of a dead animal in the walls or damaged and leaking plumbing pipes. 

A close up look at a phorid fly – ASAP Pest Control

How Do You Know If You Have Phorid Flies? 

Adults are often found by basement floor drains, in bathrooms, and close to potted plants. You may notice them scuttling across your TV, your computer monitor, or windows. Sometimes you can see them running across surfaces like your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room counters. 

How Do you Get Rid of Phorid Flies? 

Phorid flies breed rapidly and in concealed places, making them difficult for property owners to completely eradicate them on their own. Pesticides alone are rarely effective as the source of the problem like a clogged drain or leaky pipe must be identified and repaired. It is important to contact professionals like ASAP Pest Control to successfully eliminate phorid flies. 

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