What You Need to Know About MosquitosMosquitos are sometimes questioned to be the most dangerous insect on this planet. They can carry many diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria and West Nile Virus. The biggest danger of mosquitos is the distance and how long they can fly for. Mosquitos can fly for about 20 miles, especially from any source of water. They are known for feeding on your blood and not only attack humans. They are known to feed on animals, birds, and more types of animals. 

Flying for that many miles and stopping along the way to attack animals and birds and then carrying those diseases and germs with it to then attack a human is very dangerous. Then that human gets all the diseases and germs that may have come from a bird or a dog or another human being, which is the biggest danger of all. 

What do Mosquitos Look Like? 

In less than a week, mosquito eggs can hatch and start the process of becoming mosquitos themselves. They look like long skinny flies, that are usually darker in color and have long tubular mouth parts to feed and suck blood from the animal or human that they are attacking.