At ASAP Pest control, we offer experienced and conscientious integrated pest control in London, Ontario and surrounding areas using the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM). It ensures that safer methods of pest control are used to manage pest control issues, before a more severe method is considered.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated pest management is a socially conscious form of pest control that follows economical and ecologically-sensitive practices. IPM can be used for everything from ant, insect, mouse and rat control, to wasp and bed bug removal. It is an effective approach to managing pest control issues that uses information and the professional techniques to maintain a pest-free environment.

Steps of Integrated Pest Management

We use the following steps to eradicate pest problems and prevent the pests from returning to your home.

1. Pest Inspection

At ASAP Pest control, we begin our IPM process with a pest inspection, which includes monitoring of your home to better identify and target the pest problem. Before proceeding to specific pest control tasks, we first set an action threshold, a point at which pest populations or environmental conditions indicate that pest control action must be taken. We identify the level of severity of the pest control issue to determine the appropriate actions.

2. Pest Exclusion

The previous steps will indicate if additional pest control measures are required and if the preventative measures that are currently in place are no longer effective. The exclusion step in the IMP is to evaluate the most effective integrated pest control method available and proceed with the least risky pest control options first.

Examples of this include the use of highly targeted pheromones to disrupt insect mating. After further review and monitoring, if we determine that the current integrated pest management methods are not proving effective, we may then proceed to additional exclusion methods such as pesticide spraying, or broadcast spraying as a last resort.

3. Pest Monitoring

Our IPM programs at ASAP Pest Control allow us to continuously monitor for pests. We will ensure that appropriate decisions are made in conjunction with the current pest control concern. This ensures that extreme measures are only used when necessary.

IPM Graph

ASAP Pest Control Pest Management Services

We offer a wide range of integrated pest control services in the London, Ontario area and we can develop a pest control management plan for any of the following pests:

ASAP Pest control are experts in integrated pest management in the London, Ontario and surrounding area. Call our team of experts at 519-317-1170 for more information.

Why Use a Pest Control IPM Program?

Our IPM program is designed to grow with your needs as they change. The team of professionals at ASAP Pest Control are experts in integrated pest control and management within the London, Ontario area.  They will continue to monitor your home, to learn how pests interact. By acting accordingly, we can prevent an issue before it occurs and ensure a long-term pest-free environment.

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