mice & rat control

Have you found evidence of mice or rats in your home? ASAP Pest Control provides exceptional mouse and rat control services to both residential homes and commercial spaces and businesses throughout London, Ontario and surrounding areas. They can identify pest infestations and provide the recommendations for your specific needs. They also offer long-term or short-term maintenance plans to ensure that your home or business remains rodent free.

Rodent Control Services

Mice and rats are considered on the most common pest problems in Southwestern Ontario. The team at ASAP Pest Control have dealt with many cases of mouse infestations and are experienced in identifying the cause and solution to managing these pesky problems.

Mouse and Rat Control Process

1 – Our team will begin with identifying the problem areas during a visit to your home or business

2 -We will identify the most appropriate solution based on your home or business and ensure that all of the mice and rats are properly identified and are handled.

3 – Our team will identify the location and the manner that the mice and rats are gaining entry to your home or business and will report on the entry points and identify the best solutions for sealing possibly entryways.

Signs of A Rat or Mouse Infestation

There are a number ways to determine if mice or rats are making their way into your home. Here are some of the most common signs of a mouse infestation:

  • Feces or droppings in the shape of capsules
  • Scratching noises in between walls, ceilings and attic spaces
  • Chewed food, food containers or food storage locations such as pantry and cabinets
  • Nests in confined spaces around your home and garage
  • Mouse and rat carcasses

Damages Caused by Rats and Mice Infestation

It’s important to quickly identify and address a mouse infestation. If left untreated, mice and rats can quickly cause significant damage to your home or business. Here are examples of structural damage that rats and mice may cause to businesses, homes, apartments and buildings:

  • Mice and rats can gnaw through wood, paper, furniture and upholstery in order to create nesting areas.
  • Mice are known to burrow through and build nests within insulation
  • Mice and rats will build nests in electrical appliances due to the warmth that is emitted.
  • They are also prone to chewing and gnawing at wires.
  • Mice and Rats will gnaw at pantry and food storage locations to gain access to possible food sources.
  • Mice can also cause structural damage to homes and businesses by gnawing their way in and attempting to gain access to warmth.

Why You Need a Pest Control Expert

If you experience any of the above-mentioned indicators of a mouse or rat infestation, it’s important to contact experienced pest control specialists to ensure that proper containment and measures are put in place to keep out unwelcome guests. ASAP Pest Control are local experts and are familiar with the local pests throughout London, Ontario and surrounding areas. They can help to ensure that your home remains pest-free and safe from any unwanted visitors.