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Unlike the friendly honey bee, dangerous bees and wasps are among the most problematic pests that a homeowner can encounter. They don’t just infest your home – they take over a territory in an aggressive and often dangerous manner. Bee’s nests don’t just present a hazard to those who are allergic to their bites and stings – they can even cause significant problems in your home. It takes a professional experienced in bee and wasp nest removal to carefully handle the bee removal process. ASAP Pest Control are experts at managing wasp and bee infestations and can ensure that you are not in danger of having them return.

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal Services

Wasp or bee infestation removal starts with the identification of the problem. Understanding the differences between the types of infestations is a key part of making sure the pests are removed safely. Once the problem is identified, ASAP Pest Control’s trained team of professionals can safely remove the threat without putting anyone in your family in danger.

Wasp Removal and Prevention

ASAP Pest Control starts by identifying the type of wasp nest and treating the wasp hive by injecting it with dust. Doing so ensures that the nest is no longer hospitable, killing the nest as well as the colony. This said, to ensure the safe removal of a wasp nest, our team of pest control experts will often wait a full week after injecting the wasp nest before removal to confirm that the wasps are no longer present.

Bee Hive Removal and Control

Similarly to wasp removal, pest control experts will inject the bee hive with dust, killing the population of bees in the hive. Treating the nest leads to a long-lasting solution for handling bee infestations, and is better than simply removing it as the bees are likely to come back and rebuild the bee hive where the nest was previously located. When the bee nest has been treated, any bees that return are then killed. After treatment, the nest can remain active for 24 hours while the dust works it’s magic.

How to Identify a Wasp or Bee Infestation

Perhaps the biggest clue that you have an infestation is sighting a single wasp or bee. These insects don’t range too far from home, so seeing them regularly around your home is a sign that the nest is nearby.

Identifying Wasp Infestations

If you notice the wasp nest or hive itself, you can be sure that there is a real problem. You will often also hear the distinct sound of buzzing which means that a wasp nest or hive is nearby.

Identifying Bee Infestations

Often the most obvious sign of a bee infestation is the increased number of bees around your home or business. If a beehive is noticed, it is important to address the issue before it escalates, often resulting in swarms of bees. When looking to identify and remove bees, we recommend hiring a professional experienced in beehive removal.

Health Risks Associated with a Bee or Wasp Nest

Wasps and bees have two different types of associated danger. The most commonly recognized is, of course, the danger to those with severe allergies. An errant bee sting can absolutely lead to illness or death.

Prevent Damage in your Home from Bee or Wasp Nests

Some species of bees and wasps can also cause damage to wood in the home. Over time, this can lead to very significant structural damage. Wasp nest removal or bee hive removal can have a huge impact on the health of your home.

Keeping the Honey Bee Population Thriving

Due to the unfortunate steady decline of the honey bee population, ASAP Pest Control vows to keep the local honey bee population healthy and thriving and will not remove honey bee nests. For more information about honey bees and the differences between the various bee and wasp populations, contact the team at ASAP Pest Control.

Hire Professional Pest Control Service For Bee and Wasp Nest Removal

Beehive and wasp nest removal isn’t just dangerous, they are also tricky. It’s difficult to root out all the insects in a way that will stop them from re-colonizing the area. Without professional help, you don’t just stand a chance of being stung – you also stand a chance of allowing the infestation to come back stronger than ever.

If you suspect a bee or wasp infestation in or around your home, contact the pest control professionals at ASAP Pest Control today.