Spring Season Pest ControlWhen Spring Has Sprung, The Insects Come

Everyone enjoys the arrival of spring, but when the cold temperatures leave, the pests return from hibernation. An end to snow means the beginning of your battle to keep pests and insects out of your home or business. Spring pest control allows you to stay bug-free, so you and your family or customers can enjoy the warmer weather without the nuisance.

Do You Need Pest Control In the Spring?

Spring is the ideal time to start your residential pest control or commercial pest control program. As the temperatures rise, insects and pests come out of hiding, looking for food and shelter — which they often find in your home or business. With proactive, preventative pest control services from professionals like ASAP Pest Control, you can protect your home or business from unwanted spring insects and intruders.

Pests That Are Common In The Spring

In Ontario, there are a wide range of pests that commonly invade homes, stores, and business buildings in the spring. These include:


Many ant species are commonly found in Ontario. Ants can be challenging to keep out, since they can enter a building through even the smallest cracks — and these pests leave trails that other ants can follow, which can make an infestation worse if the ants find a food source.

Fruit Flies

These tiny insects can come in through doors and windows that have been opened to let the fresh air in. Fruit flies may also gain a foothold through your produce purchases, which can contain either adult flies or eggs. This type of pest multiplies rapidly and can be difficult to get rid of.


Often, spiders can spend the winter undetected in your home or business until they emerge in warmer weather to build webs. Spiders usually enter through crevices and cracks and congregate i