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Bed Bug Coaster “The Detector” Model-4 pk


The Detector Bed Bug Coaster detects where bed bugs are coming from and stops them from climbing up your bed posts. Save money and time by correctly identifying the source of the infestation prior to targeted treatments using this bed bug detector. With 4 in a pack you can place a trap under each bedpost without a worry.

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Our product is engineered to intercept and trap bed bugs before they reach your bed. With 4 coasters in a pack, a trap can be placed under each bedpost to ensure that there is no available entry for bed bugs.

The Detector works to identify infestations before they occur. Save money and time by identifying the source of bed bug infestations and stopping them before they spread. When getting rid of infestations, use this trap to monitor the effectiveness of your treatments.

The trap is designed with two easily identifiable compartments to assist in determining the location of bed bugs. Bed bugs found in the small compartment come from the bed, while bugs found within the larger compartment have entered from outside the bed.

Protect your family from bed bug bites without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. This trap is safe to use anywhere in your home and is safe to use around children and pets. With its durable design and easy to clean material, this trap is effective and long lasting.

How It Works

1. Place the traps under your bed posts. Ensuring the trap is clear of bedding and clothes.

2. The textured sides of the coaster will easily allow bed bugs to crawl into the trap where the inner channels are too smooth for them to escape.

3. Monitor the trap frequently for any signs of bed bugs

4. If a bed bug is caught, determine its previous location using the trap’s compartments:

–  The small compartment means it came from the bed

–  The large compartment means they entered from outside the bed


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