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Bed Bug Home & Travel Bed Bug Travel Kit (CDN)


The Bed Bug Home & Travel Kit contains everything you need to protect yourself from bed bugs while at home or when travelling. The Kit specializes in mimicking your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to attract bed bugs from their hiding places. Simple and effective, detect bed bugs and take measures to protect your home.

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This kit features a detection trapthat uses carbon dioxide and heat to lure in bed bugs by mimicking a sleeping human body. Any trapped bed bugs are then easily detectable through the clear lid at the top of the trap. Through testing, this trap has proven to be able to detect bed bugs in less than an hour.

Use this kit to detect if bed bugs are present in your home. If bed bugs are in your home, use this kit to continually monitor the infestation and to monitor the effectiveness of any bed bug treatments. This kit also comes with tools such as bed bug killing spray to help protect you from bed bugs and to make infestations more manageable.

se this kit when traveling to detect bed bugs and take preventative measures to ensure that none travel home with you. With its compact design and tied holding bag, this kit can be taken on all of your travels. All contents within the kit are completely safe for travelling on a plane so that you can travel worry free.

This kit contains a variety of different tools and products that can be replaced or reused. Use this kit at home and wherever you go, simply restock on items as you need them. No need to buy entirely new kits each use, save money and the environment by refilling and reusing this kit.


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