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Dissolvable Laundry Bag – 3pk


Dissolvable Laundry Bags are a must-have for every traveler and vacationer. By using a Dissolvable Laundry Bag you’ll be able to protect your assets from bed bugs when traveling. These bags are easy to use and will completely dissolve in the wash without worry of residue.

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When travelling or staying in a hotel, bed bugs can follow you home in your clothes and luggage. Our dissolvable laundry bags protect your home from travelling bed bugs by trapping and killing them before they can come in contact with your furniture.

Simply pack your clothes into the laundry bag and securely tie it. Once home, place the tied Dissolvable Laundry Bag directly into the washing machine and start the wash cycle. No worrying about the clothes or bed bugs coming in contact with anything in your home. Clean and mess free.

Save yourself time and money by avoiding hefty bed bug treatments using our Dissolvable Laundry Bags to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. This pack of 3 goes a long way in terms of making sure your house and money are protected.

When washed, the laundry bag will dissolve and the heat from the water will kill any travelling bed bugs. Our Dissolvable Laundry Bags dissolve without leaving residue on your clothes; keeping your clothes and home safe and clean.

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