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GreenStrike Solar Fly Trap Lantern


GreenStrike Solar Fly Trap Lantern, Green and Clear

The Solar Fly Trap Lantern works as an outdoor and indoor solution to trap annoying flies in and around your home. This Fly Trap doubles as a lantern that uses LED light to guide your way. With it’s food-grade attractant solution and it’s LED light, any unwanted flies are attracted into the trap where they are unable to escape.

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All you need to do is add water to the attractant lure and place the trap in a sunlit area. Then, simply relax and enjoy a fly free space. Each LED Fly Trap Lantern has a solar panel on the top which charges the unit to keep the light running for 8 hours also no batteries required.

Capture Flies without worries with our child and pet safe fly attractant. No worrying about weather, with our water resistant and durable trap design.

No matter the place, keep flies away. You can use our traps indoors or outdoors. The trap even comes with a handle to hang the trap wherever desired.

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