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Monthly Replacement Kit for Mosquito Preventer


The Mosquito Preventer Refill Kit is designed to ensure that the refill process for your Mosquito Preventer is as easy as ever. The kit includes a mosquito lure, landing strips, and a filter that work together with your Mosquito Preventer to reduce the mosquito population.

The Refill Kit comes in two different types that target different breeds of mosquitoes based on your geographical region. See the map further down the page to find out which kit is right for you.



The Mosquito Lure attracts mosquitoes into an artificial pond where the provided Landing Strips act as an ideal spot for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Upon flushing the Preventer, the reservoir will travel through a filter which separates the eggs from the water, killing future mosquito generations.

The Mosquito Preventer Refill Kit can be used for both the Manual and the Automatic Preventer. Select a lure type and the refill kit will target the breeds of mosquitoes that are in your area. See the map below to find out which lure type is right for you.

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