Unfortunately, bed bugs are proving to be a more common pest problem for homes and businesses in Southwestern Ontario. These disruptive pests can easily make their way from one location to the next by hiding in clothing and furniture – leading to a growing problem of bed bug infestations throughout the region. ASAP Pest control are experts at controlling bed bug infestations; offering comprehensive bed bug removal treatments and pest control services for residential and commercial clients throughout London and surrounding areas.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Removal Services in London ON – ASAP Pest Control Bed bug infestation is an epidemic throughout North America and the world. It is important to get the proper information in order to understand how to react when you encounter bed bugs. Bed bugs easily travel in suit cases, on clothes, through baseboards, electrical outlets and many other ways. By having a flattened body, they fit in small locations in box springs, mattresses, under wallpaper, behind picture frames, electrical outlets and even electronics. Bed bugs are able to survive for weeks without feeding. Bed bugs have the ability to go dormant for their entire life cycle if there is no food available.

Bed Bug Identification

The first step to reporting a bed bug i