At ASAP Pest Control, we understand the issues that your business can face when you have a pest control problem. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring that your business remains pest-free by providing exceptional commercial pest control services. Whether your pest problem is large or small, from a damaging wildlife issue such as pest removal for squirrels, birds, or raccoons to a spider, ant, or bed bug infestation, we provide professional, discreet and effective commercial  pest control services for every type and size business.

ASAP Pest Control’s Commercial Services

When you contact ASAP Pest Control, we will assess your immediate pest control needs and solve your current infestation, wildlife intrusion, or long-term pest control issues. Commercial businesses can rest assured that our experts will conduct tests and set up systems in discrete areas of your business, so your customers are not unduly alarmed.

We can also recommend and implement ongoing pest control and pest removal solutions with a customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  program, designed to keep your business environment pest-free. Our personalized IPM programs provide you with everything you need to ensure that all requirements are met, including services, email reports, sanitation and structural reports, pesticide usage records, employee training, and MSDS information.

Custom Pest Control Services for Business in London, Ontario

ASAP Pest Control services are backed by years of industry experience, knowledge, and proven systems. Our unique Integrated Pest Management (IPM) personalized programs are designed to ensure that your business receives custom pest control services that are uniquely suited to you and your environment.

We offer a complete range of commercial pest control services, exterminator services, and pest removal solutions with fully customizable plans, including regulation compliance reports, non-chemical options, odour control, and more. Learn more about our commercial pest control services below, or contact us today at 519-317-1170 to find out how ASAP Pest Control can help your business remain pest-free all year round.

Pest Control Services for Your Business

  1. Integrated Pest Management
  2. Bed Bug Removal
  3. Carpenter Ant Control
  4. Cockroach Extermination
  5. Insect Control
  6. Mice & Rat Control
  7. Spider Control
  8. Wasp Nest & Bee Removal

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Pest Control Services for Commercial Industries

Pest control for restaurants and barsTo ensure that your restaurant or bar is protected from pest activity, ASAP Pest Control Inc. will customize the perfect Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) that is right for your business. In todays world it is easy to communicate with others through social media. It is important to make sure your restaurant or bar is not a negative topic of conversation.  We will help create a comfortable environment for you and your customers.
Property Management Pest ControlEvery year commercial and residential properties lose millions of dollars and reliable tenants due to pest activity. When pests are ignored they can infest products and destroy buildings easily. ASAP Pest Control Inc. is here to help your tenants feel comfortable in choosing your company and help you continue your successful business.
Warehouse & Distribution pest control

At ASAP Pest Control Inc. it is important to meet your highest expectations in management and quality. By setting up a personalized Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) we can help ensure all your requirements are met, allowing you to continue having a successful business. We provide services, emailed reports, pesticide usage records, sanitation and structural reports, MSDS information and employee training to help understand the importance of an IPM program.

Pest control for HealthcarePest-related issues are quickly becoming a major issue in healthcare facilities. Healthcare environments must have zero tolerance toward bacteria-carrying pests. As the bed bug epidemic continues to rise, having an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) set up in your facility will protect your reputation and ensure that the patients and faculty are comfortable in their environments.
Pest control for retail stores in LondonHaving your customers feel comfortable in their experience at your retail store or shopping mall is important to us. Allow ASAP Pest Control Inc. to set up a customized Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) to ensure your customers do not notice your pest control program. We will set up our pest management system in discrete areas while still focussing on the source of the pest issue.
Pest Control For OfficesPests can quickly and easily become an ongoing issue in offices and commercial properties if not handled professionally and promptly. Keep your staff and clients safe from unwanted critters with a comprehensive pest control plan specially designed for office and business settings.
Pest Control for Long-Term Care Facilities in OntarioPests are considered a serious issue when it comes to long-term care facilities such as retirement communities, nursing homes and long-term care centres. It’s imperative that these healthcare settings maintain zero-tolerance standards when it comes to intruding pests such as bed bugs, rodents and insects.
Commercial Pest Control Services for Schools, Arena’s & Community Centers ASAP Pest Control provides professional commercial pest control services for large spaces and facilities such as schools, arenas and community centres. Pest infestations in these environments can quickly escalate if left untreated, which is why we pride our self on resolving the immediate pest problem while also finding solutions to minimize the possibility of an infestation later.
Pest Controle for Grocery Stores in London, ON from ASAP Pest ControlASAP Pest Control provides trusted and discrete commercial pest control to business throughout London. For grocery stores, markets and food distribution centres, it’s imperative to have a pest control plan in place to keep your customers, staff and food inventory safe from unwanted visitors.
Pest Control for Farming & Agriculture FacilitiesTrust the team at ASAP Pest Control to keep farming and agriculture facilities and equipment safe from costly pest infestations. From an initial review of your farm outbuildings to ongoing monitoring and inspections, our commercial pest control services will keep your farm pest-free year-round.
Pest Control for Research Facilities in London, ONWe understand just how essential it is for medical and research facilities to maintain a sterile work environment. Even the smallest pest infestation can significantly affect a project causing costly damage and even time delays. At ASAP Pest Control, our team of technicians are proud to offer custom pest control solutions to meet the unique requirements of your facility to prevent from possible infestations.