ASAP Pest Control Inc. is committed to ensuring that your home is a pest-free environment. We are here for you regardless of whether you have a large or small pest problem. From carpenter ants and roaches to flies, mice and more, there are a wide range of pests that could be infesting your home. You may even have nuisance wildlife such as racoons, birds or squirrels causing damage to your property. For all your residential pest control needs, ASAP Pest Control is the trusted and dependable pest management company that can quickly produce the results you desire. Keeping you comfortable in your environment is our main goal.

Customized Home Pest Control Plans to Fit Your Needs

Whether you need home pest control services, insect eradication, or wildlife exclusion services, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands with our skilled pest management team on the job. Our residential pest control specialists customize treatment plans to fit your unique needs. Whether you require a one-time pest removal service or ongoing pest control maintenance to protect from pests re-entering your home, our residential services cover it all.

Seasonal Pest Control Prevention for Your Home

Many pests and rodents in the London, Ontario area have seasonal activities. This means that some may be more active in your home during specific seasons. For example, wasps may be more problematic during warmer weather conditions. In the cooler months, rodents, such as mice and rats, may try to seek shelter in your walls or attic. At ASAP Pest Control, our residential pest control specialists proudly provide home pest control services that reflect local seasonal requirements. Our team understands the life cycles and habits of the most common local pests, and we customize our preventive treatment plans to reduce the chance that you may have a major infestation. Taking proactive steps to keep pests out of your home can have truly beneficial results.

By calling our team at ASAP Pest Control today, you can enjoy fast and reliable service with exceptional results. We can eradicate any pests from your home and yard without delay, and we can also take steps to prevent them from returning. For all your rodent control and wildlife removal needs, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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Residential Pest Control Services

The team of professional pest control technicians at ASAP Pest Control are well versed in the removal and protection against pests that are common in homes in around London, Ontario. This includes the following residential pest control services: 

Spring Season Pest Control Services
Spring Seasonal Pest Control
Summer Pest Control Services
Fall Season Pest Control Services
Winter Season Pest Control Services

Home Pest Inspection

Home inspection for pest problems in London Ontario

If you are finding unknown pests or even evidence of a potential pest infestation in your home but are unaware of which type of insect or intruder it may be, contact ASAP Pest Control. Our expertise and experience in providing homeowners in London with trusted pest control services, means we can easily identify the type of pest you may be experiencing in your home and provide you with the next pest management steps.

  • Unsure of what is going on in your home?
  • Pests keeping you up at night?
  • Not feeling comfortable in your own home?

ASAP Pest Control Inc. can help you find out what is happening in your home. Let us give you a Free Home Inspection today.

Protecting your home is important to you and at ASAP Pest Control Inc. we would like to make it important to us. 
Home Protection Plan in London, ON

We provide home pest control services throughout the year will ensure that your house is being protected from pests – any time of year.  

Setting up the residential pest control services in the spring, summer, fall or winter (depending on your concerns) will allow you to keep comfortable in your environment. Our home protection program includes protection against 15 different pests that may be found in and around London, Ontario. 

Carpenter Ants Control for London ONCarpenter ants cause damage throughout your home and compromise its structure. Have ASAP Pest Control Inc. protect your home from these well-organized pests. Prevent nesting around your home in order to control your environment. Preventative measures will be introduced after removing your carpenter ant issues.
Spider Control in LondonTired of having spiders everywhere? At ASAP Pest Control Inc our spider control program is designed to protect homes from these common pests. By treating your home in the spring and fall, we will solve your spider issue around the house.

Mouse & Rat Removal in London, ON Mice and rats are common in the London, Ontario area, and they can be a true nuisance. With our trusted home pest control services, our team can eradicate these unwanted creatures from your home quickly, and with our home protection plan, we can ensure they do not return next spring.

Wasp Nest & Bee Removal in London, ONWasps and bees are dangerous pests that can cause major problems in your home. Not only can they pose serious issues to those with allergies, but their nests can cause structural issues in your home. ASAP Pest Control can not only help you eliminate these dangerous pests from your home but can help to make sure they don’t return. With expert care and professional home pest management techniques, ASAP Pest Control can make these pests a thing of the past.

 Our Home Pest Control Process 

Our team of experienced pest control technicians and exterminators provide more than just a quick-fix solution to home pest problems.

  1. Inspect

    We go the extra mile to thoroughly inspect the home to identify the location of the pest infestation.

  2. Remove

    We then proceed with pest removal using only the highest standards to safely and effectively remove pests and an infestation.

  3. Monitor

    Furthermore, we can provide homeowners with peace of mind that the pest issue is properly handled with ongoing monitoring for future infestations.

Pest Management Services for Common Residential Pests

Beetle Extermination in London ON
Every year residential properties lose millions of dollars as well as reliable tenants due to pest activity. When pests are ignored they can infest homes easily. ASAP Pest Control Inc. is here to help you feel comfortable in your home. Having us out for a one-time service will eradicate pest activity. Our complementary follow-up service will help ensure the job was successful.

Here are some of the most common residential pests:

  • House Mice
  • Deer Mice
  • Norway Rats
  • Roof Rats

Why ASAP is the Top Choice for Residential Pest Control

ASAP Pest Control has proudly been London’s top choice for professional and reliable pest control services. Our team of pest exterminators are reliable, discreet and trustworthy – offering a comprehensive suite of residential pest control services that cover a wide range of local pests.  

  • Reliable
  • Trusted 
  • Full coverage from pests in and around London, Ontario 

Contact our team of residential pest control technicians today to learn more about the personalized approach we take on pest control management for your home.

If your pest control needs include a pest not on this list, we can still treat your pest problem. Contact us at 519 317 1170 to find out more.
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